Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry season is here and strawberries are in full bloom, waiting to be picked here in Ontario (where good things grow)! There’s no better way to enjoy these delicious snack sized fruity candies other than to pick them yourself. Strawberries are one of my favourite fruits because they are super delicious and a super food.

“Pick your own” produce farms are all over the place. You can simply google the closest farm to you and give them a call to confirm any lingering questions. That’s how I found 19th Avenue Farmer’s Market, a really unique farmer’s market in Markham.

19th Avenue Farmer’s Market 2931 19th Ave, Markham, ON L6C 1L7

My boyfriend and I went to this farmer’s market because we wanted to stock up on yummy local strawberries. This place is pretty unique because we first entered a farmer’s market that had a variety of local vegetables such as beans, strawberries (of course), beets, potatoes, etc. They also had a huge flower shop, which I was super amused by. Anyways, we buy a ticket $7 per person and a bucket for 2 because we forgot to bring our own.

Tip #1: bring your own bucket or container. Ensure that it is not too deep or else the bottom will begin to bruise due to the excess weight.

We then waited 5 minutes until we were greeted by a small school bus that took us to the strawberry field. This ride took about 2 minutes. The fields were massive and glittered with tiny red dots. When we were done, we weighed our bucket which came up to $15.10. We ended up paying $1.10 because the initial $7 admission that my partner and I both paid was subtracted from the total amount.

This was overall a great social outing to do with anyone. We saw families, partners and best friends picking along with us. The price was worth the experience and the strawberries were sooooo sweet, it was mind blowing!

We ended up freezing all of the strawberries that we couldn’t snack on because we wanted a ton for smoothies. This was also a two person activity because my boyfriend washed the fruits while I sliced them into halves and divided them so that we both can enjoy smoothies! 🙂

What’s with the crap photo quality? lol

Overall message:

Who: groups of 2 or more

What: Pick your own produce

Where: Local farms near you. My choice for strawberries is 19th Avenue Farmer’s       Market in Markham.

Local Farms Search Engine

When: Your state/province’s harvest calendar will display when each vegetable or fruit is available for harvesting.

Ontario’s Harvest Calendar

Choose your country- find your Harvest Calendar

Try this search engine. Let me know if it works in your area or if it’s boogus in your area. It seems to work fine for Ontario!

Why: Picking your own food is a great activity that can be a shared experience with others. It provides physical activity, sensory stimulation through tactile interactions with plants and scents of nature, cognitive stimulation through determining ripe, rotten, and edible-worthy produce. There are endless amounts of benefits but the main benefit is that it is a down to earth, friendly and multi-purpose activity (you get to eat what you pick) that you should do today..or soon!

We harvested 5.4lbs if strawberries!

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