Love Letters

Love Letters

Today, I decided to sign up for scholarships and take the great opportunity to put myself out there to obtain some financial aid for school. I found an opportunity with Student Life Network which required me to write a letter of appreciation to my parents. This was the perfect opportunity for me to write a sincere letter to my parents. Although, I do not think the number of likes matter when it concerns winning, according to the rules, it’s a random pick; however, I still appreciate the love.

♥You can read it and give me some love  by clicking here.♥


Or you can read it below. This was an emotional piece and I encourage you all to write a letter of appreciation to anyone who has impacted your life deeply. This was a nice experience and a great activity to immerse myself in. I feel more grounded after writing it and I was able to share it with my parents which deepened our connections. I feel that it is very important to ensure that the ones we love know how we feel. It is important for your own happiness, as well as theirs. So get a pen and paper, or word document. Go write a letter to that person you love dearly because they’re not going to be with you forever, unfortunately (omg that is so sad, please don’t be heartbroken- circle of life!). Appreciate them to the fullest now because it’s never too late, nor is it ever too soon to start anything.



Dear Mom and Dad,


Thank you for continuously being there for me and always being fair to me. You taught me how to pursue personal growth and not money, which has made me blossom into a beautiful woman. I have goals, aspirations and a brilliant mind- all thanks to you. You both have made many sacrifices for your children, and I want you to always know that I appreciate both of you equally and unconditionally. I love you both so deeply and my love for you is endless. 


You worked so hard to build this amazing life for us and made us all proud Canadian Citizens. I have never met anyone as hardworking as you both. You are my role models, my motivation and my sincerest supports. I am proud to be your daughter and I can never ask for better parents because you taught me how to be resilient, persevere and to love. Thank you for nurturing me, supporting me, and being my friends.


Daddy, thank you for teaching me how to ground myself and to never give up, even if my ideas will be hard to accomplish. Mommy, thank you for teaching me how to be optimistic in every situation and how to be caring to others. You have raised 3 grateful and brilliant children, who are so thankful to have you as our parents.


I know my hardest struggles are yet to come and that will be when you both return to the heavens. I want to be able to provide you the quality of life that you both deserve. You guys worked so incredibly hard and I can never give you back those years that you struggled to provide for us. I promise I will always take care of you guys, the way you took care of all three of us.


I can write a whole novel about every situation of my life and thanking you guys on how you impacted me. You have been great influences on my life- physically, mentally and spiritually. You provided me the best of both worlds and have taught me to always give back. For example, Daddy, you go back to your home in Guyana and feed the homeless. Mommy, you always send money back home (in Guyana) on special occasions to feed homeless orphans and families. These acts of humanity are the reasons why I’ve donated my birthday money every year since I was 19 years old, towards making care packages to the homeless of my home (Toronto). I distribute them myself because you taught me how to be humble and to not judge others. I am the product of the good in both of you. 


Thank you for teaching me how to be a good human being. Thank you for always being there for me.


I love you Mommy and Daddy, forever and always. 




Your daughter, Ashely.

If you want to write your own, here are a few simple steps:

  1. Begin with a sincere introduction to address that person’s name (Dear…, To my love, …,To..)
  2.  Then begin with an introduction paragraph. Stating why you are writing your letter and what they mean to you.
  3. Provide as many paragraphs as you want, just ranting away about how much this person has been there for you (provide quality- remember that quality means more than quantity). Include examples of events that made your connection deeper with this person.
  4. Conclude your letter with a farewell and an open invitation, such as “I hope to see you again, I will love to hear from you, I can’t wait to spend time with you again..”
  5. State your name in after a sweet farewell signature, such as: “sincerely, yours truly, cheers, always thinking about you”

If these steps aren’t working for you, then I encourage you to format your letter the way you want. Just remember to be honest and sincere to your feelings. Below are some examples that might help with some writer’s block. May the force be with you.

Ideas for addressing names Introduction.. Discussion ideas Salutations (good bye)



·To my dearest..

·To my love..




Why are you writing to them?

How do you feel when you think of this person?

How do you feel writing this letter to this person?

Why are you thankful for this person?


What is a happy event that you both shared?

What is an event that made you grow with this person?

Discuss how this individual influenced your life

What do you think about when you miss this person?

What do you want to do with this person right now?

Why do you love this person?

How do you want to show this person your love?


Yours truly

Best regards

Sincerely (sincerely yours)

Take care,

Speak to you soon

All the best

Your friend (son, daughter, yogi, etc)

With love


Thanks again

Best wishes

Hugs and kisses (xoxo)


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  1. Nice

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    1. Thank you for reading! You should post your own letter, I’d love to read it! Although, if it’s too personal, I understand if you don’t want to. 🙂

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