5/100 Health Benefits of Physical Fitness

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5 out of 100 Amazing Health Benefits of Physical fitness:

First let’s discuss what Physical fitness is. Fitness has many components which include cardio-respiratory/aerobic capacity (the body’s ability to take in oxygen and deliver it to cells, at a cellular level to create energy for physical work),  muscular capacity (the capabilities of your muscles), flexibility (range of movement), and body composition (the ratio of fat free mass to fat mass in the body). Ultimately, it is an improved physiological state that leads to improved health and a longer life.  Exercising any of those components will lead to a higher overall well-being. Below are 5 out of 100 health benefits of physical activity. Each of these reasons play a crucial role in maintaining our optimal mind, body and soul.

  1. Reduce depression and anxiety.
    • Turn anxious energy into physical energy, and feel the relaxing effects. Long term anxiety is known to lead to depression. The symptoms of both of these conditions can be elevated through regular physical exercise. Physical exercise positively effects a number of biological and physiological mechanisms in our bodies; not limited to reducing the physiological effects associated with anxiety. Vigorous exercise is linked to lowering emotional distress.
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  2. Boost your body image and self esteem
    • A study was conducted using a group of 35 adolescents from ages 13-17 years old. These individuals had to have a mild-severe disability, with a history of physical limitations and the capacities to fully engage in the interventions. The intervention included an individualized 13 week program that focused on aerobic exercise, muscle strengthening, and conditioning exercises. After this intervention, the self perception of these individuals increased by approximately 21%. Find an exercise program that focuses on your enjoyment, personal goals and achievements rather than programs that focus on peer comparisons.  Working out improves the body’s overall appearance which will boost your confidence.
  3. Obtain a positive coping mechanism for stress
    • I have definitely been in the boat of bad habits; however, I know from first hand experience that physical exercise is a great coping mechanism. I like to exercise whenever I am mad, frustrated, sad, or feeling really low. When I am super angry and feel like punching a wall, I go for a run. If I am feeling sad and down on myself, I do resistance training. The burning sensation really distracts my mind and the increase endorphin rush relaxes me. Yes, physical exercise is a natural endorphin rush.
Click this image to be redirected to a WICKED workout site with loads of resources to get you started or go to: http://www.darebee.com

4. Boost your energy levels

  • Honestly, majority of our lifestyles are really unhealthy. The combination of our diet, poor sleep habits, inactivity, and stress levels- don’t make a good recipe. Although, this study shows that a high intake of food matched with high physical activity maintains energy balance. Meaning your energy levels will feel consistent and it makes sense because if we eat a lot and don’t move around, our metabolism slows down and we feel sluggish. If we are active and consume enough food then our metabolisms will be high class veterans. Regular moderate exercise will benefit your energy levels by reducing feelings of fatigue.
5. Enhance brain health and plasticity

And sooo many more, such as: improving skin health, organ functions, improves balance, coordination, and agility, boost cognitive capacities (memory boost), provides better quality of sleep, promote a better sex life, etc. 

If you think this is interesting, come back soon as I reveal the other 95 health benefits of physical fitness! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day! 🙂

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