Handling Life by adopting Healthy Attitudes

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Handling unexpected situations with ease by developing these 4 attitudinal changes.

You know that saying,”hope for the best but be prepared for the worse.” Life is full of unexpected ups and downs. Smooth sailing and a happily ever after is a false image portrayed by media. Life is a roller coaster of the unexpected; the good, bad, ugly and beauty. To help you cope with unexpected situations, I give you 4 pieces of advice to help you change your attitudes to live a happier life:

1. Practice optimism.

Being optimistic will help you manage things in the right way as unexpected situations pass you. It’ll allow you to see the positives in a situation (remember, if there is a negative then there is always a positive). Thinking negatively will increase problems for you by blocking the rationale side of the brain, effecting both your internal and outer world. Practicing the art of optimism will allow you to manage yourself in difficult situations. Try to remember a bad experience. Did it remain bad forever? What did you do to cope? How could being more positive have helped that situation?

Things will not remain bad for long, so be optimistic and persevere. Dark phases will pass, so try to be optimistic so that your strength and courage will grow. If you are having trouble practicing optimism then there are a few things that you can do, such as:

  • be around optimistic individuals
  • talk to a trusted loved one
  • write down your challenge and develop a pro/cons list
  • write down your concern and try to brainstorm strategies to overcome the challenge

2. Practice self control.

Self control is a very difficult skill to practice. Life is full of temptations and emotions. Building a strong inner self will set the foundation to a successful life based on values that resonates with who you are. Practicing self control will help you overcome weaknesses, identify your courage and problems will decrease as you can better handle unexpected life events. Try practicing self control..start with inner self reflections to define your morals and put them into practice. Also, learn how to manage your emotions in the moment (stay tuned for tips on how to manage emotions). If you find yourself in a situation that is tempting you then remember to pause…take a deep breath to ground yourself…take a few more breaths…then decide how to proceed.

3. Be Patient.

Keep calm and remain patient. Developing patience is the most beneficial attitude that you can adapt. No matter what the problem is, if you are able to stay calm and be patient then you will be able to manage any stressor. Being consumed with stress and panic prevents us from thinking clearly and objectively, thus increasing problems and frustration. When we are not patient, we build up our anxiety and make unweighted decisions. Be patient in what you do, it’ll allow you to be clear and make the right choices.

4. Develop acceptance.

Life is full of surprises and most of the time we don’t have control. This is a fact about life and the sooner we accept that, life will become more simple. If we deny this fact and try to change it then we will deny ourselves the luxury of peace. Admit that certain things cannot be changed and learn to accept it. Identify what can be changed (such as your attitude) and what cannot. You know the saying, “if you cant change em, join em.” This acceptance will allow you to act out of courage and contentment in a significant way. The sooner we accept our situation, life will become easier. Accept what you cannot control and accept who you are so that you can identify what you can change oppose to dwelling on the unchangeable.

A successful and happy life is defined by the attitudes that we have. Developing an optimistic attitude, patience, acceptance and self control will allow you to live the authentic life that you’ve dreamed of, with the right tools to combat stress.

Puppies live the best life because they are always positive and filled with happiness! Just look at this little guy!

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