What is Therapeutic Connections?

Building therapeutic connections with yourself and the world around you. Therapeutic connections is defined as a genuine, authentic connection- authentic, meaningful connections provides inner healing, growth and enjoyment.

Activities that help you connect with your inner world focuses on helping you achieve insight into your values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours. Research suggests that these activities affect common outcomes including improved self concept, self worth, and self esteem.

Who does it help?

All ages, races, genders, and beings benefit from building meaningful connections with both their inner and outer world. We are social animals that are hard wired to developing connections with the world around us. We are beautiful beings that are gifted with the abilities to discover and develop the self in ways that only we can envision. Improve your mental and spiritual health by engaging in activities that promote wellness, meaning making, self discovery, and connection.

Ways to cultivate connection:

Activity Benefits: Quick overview of how it works:
-learn something new
-share your passion
-improve conversation skills
It takes a lot of brain power to meet and conversate with other beings.
Journaling-organize thoughts
-relieve stress
-inspire creativity
-self reflection
-Boost memory
Writing activates the creative centers of the brain and allows the opportunity to release bottled up emotions.
Storytelling/ Reminiscence-promote relaxation and well-being
-increase verbal proficiency
-encourage cooperation
-activate memory centers
Storytelling and reminiscence groups provides opportunities to activate the hippocampus and engage in active conversation in a group.
Adventure challenge-opportunity for self reflection
-grow through challenges
-learn and increase health
It’s adventure time! Engage all of your senses and conquer a challenge that will leave your dopamine rushing and adrenaline pumping!
Mindfulness -connect with the present moment
-increase attention
-increase mind-body connection and awareness
Be in the present moment, don’t stress about tomorrow or yesterday. Mindfulness uses attention skill to ground yourself into the present moment. The continuous practice of activating these centers of the brain thickens the cortex- literally growing your brain by building more neural connections!
Qigong-improve mind-body connection
-clear energy
-ground energy
-improve focus and physical well-being
-connect to your inner power
-increase longivity
Qigong is a practice that connects your spirit and body to improve your mind.
Self Care-connect with yourself
-develop a routine that keeps your resiliency high
-feel your best, be your best
Self care is any activity that we do that improves our mental, emotional, and physical health. These are subjective activities that are different between each person and improves mood, reduces stress and is the key to developing a good relationship with oneself and others.
Nature-connect with spirit
-naturally feel good
-lower blood pressure and relieve stress
Exposure to therapy is the key to maintaining good physical, social and mental health. Nature is calming, eases stress, and relieves symptoms of depression.
Relaxation-relieve stress
-promote creativity
-increase longitivity
Relaxation calms down the mind and body by activation the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the system that is important for relaxing, and calming down the nervous system. The more relaxed we are, the more creative we can become.

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