What is Therapeutic Expression?

Therapeutic expression uses the arts to help individuals discovery oneself, grow a life of love, play, and relieve stress. It utilizes disciplines of the arts; such as, visual, dance/movement, writing, poetry, drama, theater, music and other creative outlets. Therapeutic expression improves the mind, body, and spirit connection.

Who does it help?

Therapeutic expression is for any age and for individuals of all abilities. It awakens imagination and a child like essence as it helps an individual discovery who they are while engaging the senses. It is a safe and effective outlet for stress management and emotional expression.


Benefits:How it helps:
Lowers stressCreating art or a project activates the creative parts of your brain and sends the mind into the state of “flow.” Flow is the state of being lost in the moment- creative projects are great tools to create states of flow.
Boost immune systemHappiness, creativity, expression and playfulness increases longevity.
Discover sense of happinessOpportunity for creativity, imagination, release, reflection and building new relationships while learning new skills (or developing existing skills). These are all recipes to improving te sense of self and boosting happiness.
Tell your storyExpress emotions in a form other than words. Create stories with different mediums and release experiences that do not serve you. Unfold the unconscious mind.

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