Hello and a huge warm welcome to Rec-Savvy, a place where recreation is accessible to anyone, anywhere. I appreciate that you took the time to be here. I encourage you to explore, learn something new and reach out.

Mission: providing tools that foster meaning in ones life by cultivating individual strengths, as well as capacities that allow individuals to flourish, thrive and to move towards a life of well-being.

Vision: creating a more playful and expressive world through accessible therapeutic recreation that empowers participants to live the life they wish to lead 

Values: quality, barrier free therapeutic activities that are accessible to all populations with an objective to promote play, self discovery, self-expression, and personal growth.

Helping YOU pursue activities YOU enjoy, to enhance YOUR quality of life.

What is therapeutic recreation?

Therapeutic recreation (TR) utilizes leisure opportunities to provide recreation services, treatment and education that enhance overall health, functional abilities, independence and quality of life. TR services includes functional intervention (Assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation), leisure education, and recreation participation. TR enables people of all abilities to improve their well-being, learn essential life skills and attitudes; and experience growth through rewarding leisure and recreation experiences.

My service assists people of all ages and backgrounds in getting well, living well, and staying well. Through therapeutic programming that is client-centered, my service contributes to a healthier mind-body connection; makes life more satisfying and fun, and enables a sense of wellness. Most importantly, my service EMPOWERS participants to enjoy life to the fullest and flourish by achieving their everyday goals!

What are the benefits of Therapeutic recreation?

  • Builds confidence and self esteemfocuses on participants strengths, likes, encourages freedom of choice, and developing/enhancing skills
  • Improve physical abilities- use play-based physical activities to improve muscle strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, mobility, and range of motion
  • Promotes greater self reliance- learn essential skills for independent living
  • Ease anger, fear, isolation,loneliness and despair- learn coping skills to manage emotions and promote social interaction by engaging in activities that are person-centered
  • Strengthen interpersonal skills- Provide social opportunities to learn and build on social skills, creates a feeling of social acceptance and group participation
  • Manage stress- engage in preferred activities that relaxes both the mind and body
  • Enriches quality of life- provides opportunities for creativity, self expression, and fun
  • Provides ways to express feelings- provides a positive outlet for managing feelings
  • Provides opportunities to learn by doing- experience, play, recreate, learn
  • Use leisure time well- engage in positive, constructive activities that help you flourish in other areas of life!

For more details on understanding how leisure can be used as a powerful force for change in a persons life and how it can effect overall well-being then please read the following article below:

A bit about me?

My name is Ashely and I am an aspiring Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, with a background in Applied Behaviour Analysis. My work is focused on health promotion and disease prevention strategies that utilize therapeutic modalities. I have an immense interest in how the brain function, behaviour and neural plasticity. I have worked extensively among various populations and needs in community and private settings, including the following:

  • Adult and youth with developmental disabilities (down syndrome, autism spectrum disorder)
  • Seniors
  • Adults with Alzheimer’s and dementia disorders
  • Adult mental health (i.e., mood disorders, schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, substance use)
  • Youth mental health
  • Adults with comorbid conditions 
  • Adult day programs
  • Geriatric Hospital
  • Adults with chronic diseases (i.e., diabetes, post-stroke patient)
  • Women who have been victim to sexual and physical violence

I have a passion for helping others improve their overall health and quality of life by providing the tools that they need to feel empowerment, joy, and live a life of possibilities.

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