Mind-Body Uplift

Mind-body uplift uses relaxation techniques that help de-stress the mind while bringing it closer to the body by focusing on bodily sensations. Relaxing the body has many benefits. Stress is the number one cause of illness and rapid degeneration of the body; therefore, staying proactive by grounding your mind and body will help keep you healthy!

Activities in this domain improve:

  • Attention skills
  • concentration
  • problem solving skills
  • memory
  • self resilience
  • mental well-being
  • self confidence
  • body image


  • Neural plasticity
  • mental alertness
  • coping skills
  • sense of independence and dignity


  • Reduce risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Reduce symptoms related to depression
  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety
  • Reduce symptoms associated to mental illness


Types of Cognitive uplift Activities:

  • Social Activities
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Praying
  • Nature based activities
  • Journal
  • Accepting and working through challenges
  • Trying a new recipe
  • Learning something new!

Tickle your neurons by learning something new: courses coming soon!

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