Professional Development

My Professional Values

I am currently a young professional in the Therapeutic Recreation program and I have a strong background in behaviour sciences. I have developed a large repertoire of skills that makes me an asset to any organization. My professional values include my honesty, creativity, compassion, autonomy, and integrity towards my work. I am compassionate and optimistic in the workplace environment and with the clients that I support. I am a flexible, enthusiastic, and creative individual; who can work both independently and within a team.

I have worked with both typically and atypically developing individuals from ages 0-65 years old. This has given me the ability to be truly empathetic, patient, and understanding of each individual’s needs. I have worked for over 5 years in the customer service industry which has given me impeccable communication skills. I listen to people to understand their point of view and ideas so that I can incorporate it into my work which makes me a great team player and effective at following protocols. I also have 3 years of direct experience with working with individuals with a developmental disability and seniors, in both a residential, recreational, and community settings as a support worker for Reena and New Leaf. As well as experience with working as a CHATS volunteer in 2015 in the adult program at the Richmond Hill location. I currently have two years of experience with working with children in a classroom setting. I am up-to-date on all ministry trainings that are outline by QAM; such as Standard First Aid and CPR level C, Medication and Pharmacology, Non-Crisis Prevention, Recreation Education, etc. All of which will prove to be even more of an asset as a professional in the field. Alongside with my 1000+ hours in class training and applied placement experience in an IBI and ABA setting. My diploma has prepared me to be efficient in implementing effective client-centered behavioral intervention strategies based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis; to increase desired behaviors and teach new skills. It has also prepared me to successfully analyze behaviors to determine the function for problematic behaviours to create/follow interventions that can reduce or extinct maladaptive behaviors.


I am always willing to learn, and I am a very optimistic individual who would be able to understand my clients’ needs and wants. I want to seek an organization that will help me further expand my qualifications, while helping others and I would greatly appreciate it if you take some time to review my resume. Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful day,



Ashely Dipchan

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