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This section will help you integrate stress reduction tools into your daily life and to add to your developing toolbox (these are life skills that you can use in your everyday life to help you relax, release tension, improve your quality of life through perspective shifts, and reach a state of “flow”) Now, this might take some time and I encourage you to look through the various therapeutic tools to reconnect with your inner child and higher self. 

Below is a breakdown of what this site can offer you. Each section represents a domain of well-being, which will boost your quality of life. How? Well, for a moment you will give yourself the opportunity to create something with your own mind, body and inner consciousness. You will have control over that moment and relieve yourself of the tensions that you’ve accumulated over the past few days. Every activity has numerous positive effects and you can read more about each individual one when you check it out but I highly recommend that you experience these through the services that I offer or creating your own. 

Below I outline the various tools that I use to help improve the lives of the people that I serve:

Therapeutic Connections refers to how we make meaning and connect with both our inner and outer worlds.

Therapeutic expression using various modalities to cultivate self expression and connect with your inner power.

Therapeutic play uses play as a healing tool that fosters healthy behaviours and relationships with yourself and others.

Click each category for more details:

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please contact me or comment below. I will love to collaborate with you! 🙂

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